Saturday, 9 October 2010

they are supernice

oh little black dress , supernice with the simple back design !

mrs press little black dress

Jonathan Adler hand made cases

Can't resist those sweet cases,perfect for storage my lolita heart shaped sunglasses !
(byebye, Summer my love)

After getting colourful kitchenware , i am recently into this too !
Melamine Tray. Dishwasher

I am type of shopper who will simply crab the items to counter because its supernice
package design. VERY dangerous especially i go shopping by myself.haha.

mrs press soap
mrs press soap package design
le labo

1. mrs press little black dress & soaps
2. Jonathan Adler hand made padded sunglasses case
3.Jonathan Adler hand made pencil case
4.Melamine Tray. Dishwasher
5. le labo


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