Monday, 14 June 2010

:: The tie & blue nails ::

heart shaped watch

my heart shaped watch goes so well with my wardrobe remix.
i've been working extremely hard in the past two weeks for some brands to launch their FIFA promotion e-campaigns. i went home usually around 2am in the early morning....i was totally exhausted before the FIFA ceremony but we still stayed in D's office to watch the first game with his lovely colleagues. we were all lying on the massive cushions with yummy pizza and beers ! well. this is it ! i passed out withing 5 mins about the game to start . oh, that night , i  dreamt about my babies- Bertie & Kikilala, oh...damn... i miss them so badly.

i heart tie necklace

Recently, i found myself started to looking into  boyish stuff, don't really know why. i used to be a floral and no- black type of girl. so it's kinda a new thing for me. i also realised that my most recent purchase are all black. i guess i've just too lazy to think of the colour and pattern remix on outfits recently.

fumofumo san couple !

Please let me introduce you one of my favor character - Fumofumosan , I used to have one which is 150cm tall. i love to cuddle it and falling a sleep every night. haha. i know it sounds silly but i like it !

Blue nails

I  heart this blue , it goes well as colour combination with my green blanket.

Blue nails in June

3 days off work ! woop!!!
i am planning to go to the belly dance classes, swimming and also do some paintings.

Heart shaped watch / urban outfitter
Tie necklace /
Fumofumosan / Japan trip
Blue nails / OPI My Mind Nlb24

C x