Monday, 3 May 2010

:: back to the start ::

i aodre " little thing mag"

it's been such a long time since my last post ... naughty naughty... :)
well, that's all blame to the crazy and busy beginning life over here!!!
(not lazy me ,haha)

night views from my balcony in SH

a coner of my sitting room in SH

love the colour combination

we are really happy about our new home, balcony over looking the night view, nice local park front of our building,more importantly,king size bed,deep bath and japanese loo !!! btw,D is a extremely happy boy with his own studio room.happy days.

my local park

the only thing stressed me out right now is work, over hours !!! my gosh !
it just doesn't make any sense to me. A present from my boss, michelle :) thanks.

little presnt from my new boss

and ,this is the treat for myself !


D is getting busy for his career,we discuss about music sometimes
but i am really just a baby. ha.
Conrank _not me_march 2010

i am so used to wear flat now, oh dear heels.
my farragamo vara

d's toy

finally, i can wear floral outfit and colourful sandal walking around SH centre.
few hours left till D comes back from his 10 days tour.
can't wait! can't wait! aquarium tmrw :) yeah !

cinchie x


  1. I miss Japanese bogs!!

    I bought ribbon and bits and bobs too! I cannot wait to see what you make xx

  2. i am looking for sewing courses, would like to try to make summer dresses :) x

  3. YES!!!! I have started to try to make dresses too dear. I am also working on a pair of pajamas. Just buy some beginners patterns and give it a whirl.

    See if you were back in London we could have gone to the Make Lounge together. :(