Thursday, 14 January 2010

:: i am happy as a bird with french fried::

I know it's late (AM3:40) but i just can't sleep, feeling so creative and energetic.
so,i decided to open my laptop and share something with you.
+ just found the little thing magazine,oh, so sweet plus free download.
+ i adore this vintage shop,mintandvintage
+ recently,i am really into cute stationary,artbox and japanistic

There are two things which made my so happy, one is that my fiance found our Polaroid camera last week (Finally,after missing in somewhere for nearly 3months),so i can start to take some random pictures in my life.Second is this time next week,i will be in my hometown with my lovely family for 6 weeks, ya:) but, this time the journey will be 16.5hrs!!! i am really not looking forward this).

photo/ my inspiration broad.