Sunday, 3 January 2010

:: Hello 2010, Bye Bye 2009::

x'mas holidays
Just got back form x'mas break, i am so in love with countryside life in the UK.lucky, D's parents got a lovely cottage in West Sussex, before we move out London, this place is our escape :)
x'mas holidays
Barney cat and Bertie are really good friend.
London 2009 snow day
Snow days in London last week, yeah ! it's beautiful but i spent near 3 hours to get home instead of  40 mins.
snow days in London
my local train station
  I ordered this Ferragamo shoes few weeks ago and now it's on my shoe shelf !
my lovely fiance got my some surprises this year, my stocking is full of sweet little things, thanks you so much , D.
Murberry business card holder


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