Sunday, 9 August 2009

:: Iphone updated- Early days in Aug::

iphone updated aug
saw this cute VW Camper van in my local tesco car park, i heart it!!!
got the gold bow brooch from H&M :)
Bertie is on my study table,falling a sleep.
the cute wallpainting in a bar near shoreditch,London.

my marni shoes

Bye bye to my dear Marni shoes,i will always remember you.

iphone update aug

Joanne came to visit us with cute sweets :)
Lavender is growing in my garden :)
Bertie just like cat,loves to stay high place,even in sleep.
went to see the prints charming exhibition in liberty,London. so amazing ! i will share some images in next post !


  1. What happened to the Marni shoes? Are you thinking of selling them? They're definitely fab, and are like every fashion blogger's must-have.

  2. Hey,Gwen :) sorry to get back to you so late, just arrived home today,and yes,i sold my baby Marni shoes for my travel fund,well...hope its worth it. :) Cinchie.

  3. Ah what a shame! And I would have been interested in the shoes too!

  4. Oh,no~.Hope you will find the perfect one soon :) if you did, please share with me ! i will love to hear that.Good luck! enjoy the rest of weekend. Cinchie.