Friday, 26 June 2009

:: A 3 minutes survey for a chance to win £50 Amazon voucher ! ::

Hello Everyone : )

please help me to filling the survey, its fun fun fun plus a chance to win £50 Amazon voucher !

This is a study about " e-business: An investigation into consumer behavioral intention on Fashion community sites ", This questionnaire will be investigating user behavior on community sites.

The release date of the questionnaire is from June 26th to July 6th.I am expected to collect 160 effective questionnaires. The period of time will be extended if there is a shortage of total effective respondents.

In order to thank you for the respondents, I have set up a £50 Amazon Voucher prize for one lucky winner. Only the completed questionnaires will be included in the draw, I will use to pick the winner on July 20, and will e-mail the prize winner on the same date.

To start filling the survey--> £50 Amazon Voucher prize !

Thanks for your time and cooperation.


  1. I completed one for you. :-) Hope your research goes well.