Tuesday, 10 March 2009

:: falling in my childhood memeory -{ TOTORO }::

I met diccon because of the movie , since then, we go to cinema twice per week at least :) ha ha , last x'mas , we decided to introduce our fav childhood movies for each other, here is one of my fav - {Totoro}! Its a really sweet movie with lovely songs. When i was tiny ,i used to dream about totoro every single day (not sure why ?! wired kid@@ probably really want to fly to the sky, take the cat bus ! ), i collected the TOTORO's stickers, postcards,notebooks...etc. More often, i just spend all afternoon in my room to paint totoro picts ♥.

Last night, Diccon bought me the little Totoro toy to cheer my up ♥ :) oh.. i was so happy!!!!!can't even stop laughing, i am a really easy person, i think >"<. here are some movies from the same animation studio- {Ghibli} Kiki's Delivery Service
Spirited Away

i really want to go Ghibli Museum in Toyko,oh..yes! of course " Toyko Disney " !!!
although Diccon want to go paris Disney to instead. no no no!!! its really different style !
i want to play with hello kitty ,kikilala !!!!
that's one of the list in my 2009 plan :)
glad that Diccon and i are still children. >"<

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